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Top gift ideas for outdoor sportsmen, fishermen, yachtsmen, mountaineers, campers and trekkers. These high quality torches and knives make novel gifts for birthdays, christmas and other special occasions.

Orvis Pico Emergency LED Light

Orvis Pico Emergency LED Light

PICO Lite projects a powerful 10-lumen beam up to 30 feet from an ultra-compact aluminium body weighing just .02 oz. Rugged 6061 anodised aluminium. Batteries: 4 LR 41 (included).

Available at Fly Fishing for 10.93.

Jarvis Walker Deluxe Headlamp 10 LED

Jarvis Walker Deluxe Headlamp 10 LED

A must-have for night fishing this Deluxe Headlamp keeps your hands free directing the light exactly where it is needed so you can tie knots, land fish or tinker around with your boat.

The Deluxe Headlamp has 10 LED lights for extreme lighting power but gives you the option of low (3 LED) medium (6 LED) or high (all 10 LED) settings so that you can vary the power for battery conservation or desired levels of lighting.

Available at Fly Fishing for 7.59.

Stonefly LED Lamp

Pelican Folding Knives

The sharpening angle (22 degrees) of the manually finished extremely sharp blade is exactly perfect for carving. The blade and body of the knife are made from stainless steel. The blade is easy-to-maintain and it keeps its sharpness well. Thanks to its practical size the Marttiini Pelican Folding Knife is an excellent general tool for domestic chores and for hikers and campers as well. You can choose from two different handle materials: beautiful Finnish curly birch or practical rubber. The rubber handle is presented in four colours: black, red, blue and green.

Pelican folding knives are delivered in a stylish metal gift box.

Available at Fly Fishing for39.99.

Stonefly LED Lamp

MBL Curly Birch Folding Knife

  • A robust folding knife with back lock locking.
  • The blade and robust body of the knife are made from stainless steel, hardness 57-58 HRC.
  • The handle parts are made from beautiful curly birch.
  • Blade 90mm, Total Length 215mm.

Pelican folding knives are delivered in a stylish metal gift box.

Available at Fly Fishing for49.99.

Stonefly LED Lamp

Salmon Filleting Knife Special Edition

For the honour of festive catches! Salmon, the king of fish, deserves its title also for its beauty. Kojamo, the large and dignified male salmon, has governed the realm of the deep mountain brooks for centuries. Salmon, which was also elected as the fish of the Lapland county is highly suitable for decorating one of the most outstanding Marttiini knives.Blade 190mm, Total Length 310mm.

Flexible and sharp blade ensures clean-cut fillets.
Blade 190mm, Total Length 310mm.

Available at Fly Fishing for103.99.

Stonefly LED Lamp

Witch's Tooth Knife Special Edition

* A knife of an old witch, who used it to carve thin slices of dried meat. According to old beliefs, the rattle, made of reindoor horn bone, at the end of the handle keeps the evil spirits at bay, so that the user of the knife could eat in peace. The curly birch and horn bone of the handle turn this knife into a true gem. Due to the traditional carbon steel blade, this beauty is also an excellent knife for cutting wood shavings. Blade 100mm, Total Length 200mm. Price: (Including VAT at 20%)

Available at Fly Fishing for119.99.

Personal Mosquito Repeller with Super Bright LED


  • Mosquito Repeller
  • Super Bright LED Torch
  • Key Chain Hook
  • On and off switch for both mosquito repelling sound and LED
  • Size 62mm x 24mm x 16mm
  • Colours Clear, Red and Blue
Available at Fly Fishing Tackle Co UK for 5.99.

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